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Pat Boran

Pat Boran (b. 1963, Portlaoise, Ireland ) is a poet and writer who has published, to date, four full-length collections of poetry, the first of which, "The Unwound Clock", won the 1989 Patrick Kavanagh Award, followed by "Familiar Things" (1993), "The Shape of Water" (1996) and, in 2001, "As the Hand, the Glove". His non-fiction work includes the popular writer’s handbook "The Portable Creative Writing Workshop" (originally published in 1998 and republished in an updated edition in 2005 by New Island), and he has written several other non-fiction and fiction books for children and adults.

Boran lives in Dublin where he is publisher of the Dedalus Press ( which publishes contemporary poetry from Ireland and poetry in English-language translation from around the world. In addition he presents the weekly half-hour poetry programme The Enchanted Way on RTE (, Ireland’s national radio service.

All poems taken from Pat Boran’s "New and Selected Poems", published 2005 by Salt Publishing (Cambridge, UK; Pat Boran’s own website is at

Books by Pat Boran published by Blesok:


Телефонска секретарка

Selected poetry by Pat Boran, eBook, in Macedonian.  

Translation from English: Magdalena Horvat.


Answering Machine

Selected poetry by Pat Boran (2007)

Translation from English: Magdalena Horvat

Edition Morpheus, book 09  

Blesok no. 48, May-June,2006
      poetry: Answering Machine


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