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Vladimir Jančevski

Vladimir JANCHEVSKI (* 1984, Skopje) graduated from the Institute of Art History (Contemporary Art) at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. In the period 2009-2011 he was employed as a teaching assistant on the courses about Modern and Contemporary Art. Since 2011 participates in the activities of the Centre for Visual Studies – Skopje, which is part of the European network for visual culture. As an independent researcher, works in the field of contemporary art, art theory and visual studies. Since 2005 he organized many exhibitions, lectures and discussions, edited several publications, participated in several conferences and authored more than thirty texts. In May 2012 he joined the Initiative Kooperacija and has participated in the conceiving and realization of all projects / activities (presentations, discussions and exhibitions), also exhibiting his works, both individual and collaborative.

Blesok no. 106, March-April, 2016
      gallery, exhibition:
      gallery, reviews: ANOMALIES: In-disciplinary aEsTHetIC Constructions / Politics and Limits of Interpretation Individual exhibition

Blesok no. 110, October-November, 2016
      gallery, reviews: BETWEEN

Blesok no. 119, May-June, 2018
      gallery, reviews: OPAque netWORKS: What, when, where, how, to whom and how much?

Blesok no. 50, September-October, 2006
      gallery, reviews: Moths

Blesok no. 97, July-August, 2014
      gallery, reviews: The Interdependence of Image and Text in the Composition
      gallery, reviews: An Excellent Conceptualization


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