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Tone Škrjanec

Tone Škrjanec was born in Ljubljana in 1953 and graduated in sociology from the University of Ljubljana. He had worked as a teacher and journalist before becoming program and poetry events co-ordinator at the France Prešeren Cultural Centre in Ljubljana in 1990. He has also been the organizer of the Trnovo Tercets festival of traditional poetry for several years. Since his first collection of poems Blues zamaha (1997) he has published a haiku booklet Sonce na kolenu (The Sun on a Knee, 2000) and three more collections of poetry, Pagode na veter (Pagodas on the Wind, 2001), Noži (Knives, 2001) and Baker (Copper, 2004). In 2003, a group of poets and musicians from Ljubljana (Čučnik, Podlogar, Vrečar, Mozetič, Škrjanec) recorded the CD Košček hrupa in ščepec soli (A Bit of Noise and a Pinch of Salt), where Skrjanec presents five poems accompanied by the musician Jani Mujic. Apart from writing poetry, Tone Škrjanec also translates poems and novels from English, Croatian and Serbian (Goran I. Janković, Tatjana Gromača, and Delimir Rešicki for example), reserving special attention for modern American literature (Paul Bowles, William S. Burroughs, Charles Bukowski, Gary Snyder, Frank O'Hara and Timothy Liu).

Blesok no. 51, November-December, 2006
      sound, concert:

Blesok no. 61-62, July-October, 2008
      poetry: Calm


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