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Meta Kušar

Meta Kušar (born in Ljubljana, 1952), poet and essayist, is the author of three books of poems: Madeira (in bilingual editions: a Slovenian-English and Slovenian-Italian edition 1993) and Svila in Lan/Silk and Flax (1997, Ljubljana) and Ljubljana (2004). Her work has been published in various anthologies, Afterwards, Slovenian Writing 1945 – 1995, The Fire Under the Moon; Contemporary Slovenian Poetry and many literary magazines. Since 1980 she has regularly contributed cultural and historical talks on the Slovene National Radio and the RAI-Trieste. Occasionally she writes film scripts and directs them (Our Jurij Sovček). She also directed a musical performance of her poetry, The Throne of Poetry, which was staged also in Washington (1991) and London (2000).

Blesok no. 53, March-April, 2007
      poetry: from “Ljubljana,” 2004


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