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Ewa Sonnenberg

I'm poet and pianist.
I was born in 1967.
In 1992 I graduated from Music Academy in Wrocław, in1996 I finished a college of further education – creative writing – in Jagielloński University in Cracow.
Now I study philosophy at Jagielloński University in Cracow.
I have been published in all renowned literary periodicals in Poland.
I am represented in many Polish and foreign anthologies (German, Swedish, Russian). My works have been translated into German, French, English, Russian, Swedish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Serbian, and Macedonian.
Rewards include: Clemens Janicki Prize for young poets (1995), Georg Trakl Prize for my first book of poetry Hazard (1996), Scholarship from Kultura Paryska in Paris (1998), Scholarship from Ministry of Culture and Art (2000), as well as numerous poetry readings and meetings in Poland and abroad.

I have published poetry books:
Hazard, Wrocław 1995
Kraina tysiąca notesów, Dzierżoniów 1997
Planeta, Katowice 1997
Smycz, Wrocław 2000
Płonący tramwaj, Kraków 2001
Lekcja zachwytu, Kraków 2005
Paź królowej. Bajka dla zakochanych, Kraków 2006

Blesok no. 54, May-June, 2007
      poetry: Heart’s Road


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