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Gjoko Zdravеski

Gjoko Zdraveski was born in Skopje in 1985. He graduated from Blaže Koneski Faculty of Philology in Skopje. He works as a Macedonian language teacher at the Faculty of Philology in Niš, Serbia.
He writes poetry, short short stories and essays, his MA thesis being the most time and effort consuming work of all. Poetry books: Palindrome with Double N (Палиндром со две н, 2010) and House for Migratory Birds (Куќичка за птици-преселници, 2013). Gjoko Zdraveski has also published a poetry book titled Cake out of the Window (Tortu kroz prozor, 2010) in cooperation with several poets from Serbia and Macedonia. His poetry has been included in several anthologies of poetry by young authors and translated into Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Czech and English: Out of the Box (Van kutije, antologija nove poezije JU-prostora, 2009), The New Macedonian Haiku Wave (Нов македонски хаику-бран, 2011), The Wind is Bringing Nice Weather (Ветерот носи убаво време, антологија на најмладата македонска поезија и проза, 2012), The Lyrical Dodekameron (Лирски додекамерон, антологија на младата македонска поезија, 2012).

Blesok no. 111, January, 2017
      poetry: Poetry

Blesok no. 61-62, July-October, 2008
      essays: Prince Marko's Strength is Broken – The Day After

Blesok no. 98, September-October, 2014
      poetry: Freedom


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