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Bela Gligorova

Bela GLIGOROVA is a teacher and translator, residing in two cities, Belgrade and Skopje. In 2002, while on a Fulbright Scholarship Grant, she began her graduate studies, at the University of Kansas, in the US. Her focus, then, and later on, at the University of Leeds (UK)’s School of English post-graduate program, has been fueled by two key questions plaguing the fields of performance theory and American Studies, respectively: the workings of memory in layered textuality and the incorporation of auto/ethno/biographical elements in critical pedagogy. A sample of this enquiry was published, in 2009, as part of the Life Writing: the Spirit of the Age and the State of Art, eds. Meg Jensen and June Jordan (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). Currently, she is completing her post-doctoral year at University of the Arts, in Belgrade (Serbia).

Bela Gligorova was editor of Blesok Essays and Blesok Reviews.

Blesok no. 88, January-February, 2013
      reviews: In lieu of an answer – Teaching Toni Kushner’s Angels in America

Blesok no. 89, March-April, 2013
      reviews: On (theatrical) miracles and anonymity


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