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Darija Andovska

Darija Andovska, Human by vocation, musician by profession, Macedonian by place of birth. Born in Skopje, graduated composition at the Faculty for music, Skopje, got her MA degree at ZHdK in Zürich, Switzerland. Author of chamber, solo, orchestral, symphonic, choral music as well as film music, theater, dance and multimedia projects.
Won scholarships and visited master classes and workshops in Skopje, St. Petersburg, Belgrade, Dresden, Ohrid, Berlin, Zürich, Solothurn, Summer Academie Schloss Solitude – Stuttgart, Sarajevo, Freiburg, Görlitz., Utrecht/Ohrid.
Her works have been performed on festivals and concerts in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Georgia, France, England, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Austria, Albania, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Poland, Romania, Armenia, United States of America. Her music has been published on CD’s in Switzerland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro, Germany, and her scores published by Nuova Stradivarius – Italy, Sordino – Switzerland, Association of Composers – Macedonia.
Won several competitions, including pre-art and Macedonian Musical Youth competition. Her films were nominated and won several prizes at festivals like Sarajevo Film Festival, Berlinale Film Festival, Bridge Festival.
Currently works as a docent at the Faculty for music, as well as at the Faculty for dramatic arts, both in Skopje.

Darija Andovska was editor of Blesok Sound.

Blesok no. 82, January-February, 2012
      sound, reviews: Waiting for the Spring

Blesok no. 83, March-April, 2012
      sound, reviews: Taking a Closer Look

Blesok no. 85, July-August, 2012
      sound, reviews: Emotional Manipulation and the Alienation Effect


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