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Ilija Kočovski

Born in Bitola, 1945. Graduated Applied Art School in Skopje and Academy of Visual Arts in Belgrade. He is permanently present in art circles and in public art events since 1967. Kočovski has had thirty solo exhibitions, seventeen with the Art Group 77, and had also participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, including Paris, London, Glasgow, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Sofija, Varna, Kanagawa, Melbourne, Kharkov, Racibór, Viroinval, Prahova, Ankara, and Istanbul.
Kočovski has participated in numerous art colonies, symposia, etc. He has won many awards. He is a member of the Art Group 77; Kočovski, Kočevski, Manev; DLUM; DLUB.

Address "Vladimir Bakarić" 50, Bitola, Macedonia
telephone: + 389 75 554 834

Blesok no. 84, May-June, 2012
      gallery, reviews: Values Concentrated in the Characters


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