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Marta Markoska

Marta Markoska, born June 29 1981, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
Graduated the Department of Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology “Blaže Koneski” – Skopje.
Holds a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, from The Institute for Macedonian Literature – Skopje. From this year she is a PhD student in the same field.
As one of the top students on the course, Markoska was commissioned by the Institute, as a junior assistant/researcher within the project: Macedonian Mithopoetic Novel.
Markoska is member of Macedonian Writers Association and in the field of literature and cultural science, has published five books: a collection of poems entitled All Tributaries Flow Into My Basin (2009), a collection of short stories entitled Whirlpool in Bethlehem (2010), a collection of essays entitled Hyper Hypotheses (2011), collection of poems entitled Head First Towards Precipitous Heights (Awarded, Aco Karamanov 2012) and a book of Philosophy and Cultural Studies entitled Discussion about Zen Buddhism (religious and philosophical transcendence between Eastern and Western thought), released in March, 2013.
Marta Markoska is also represented in four Anthologies: Planet Skopje (2013), Lyric Dodecameron (Struga Poetry Evenings 2012), The Wind brings fine weather (June, 2012) and Anthology of Macedonian Contemporary Short Story (March, 2012).
Her scientific studies and other articles (movie reviews, stories, poems, and research papers) were published in the magazine for Literature and Culture ACT, scientific journals Context and Cultural Life, in the electronic literary contest Electrolyte, in magazines Pillar, Margin and Literary Hagiography, in text collections: Elite and Mass Culture and Rendering.
Marta’s short stories have also appeared in the Collections of Poetry and Short Stories of Young People from Former Yugoslavia (2007 and 2008).
Her movie reviews and texts in the field of modern cultural currents have been published on several Macedonian web sites. She also wrote theater reviews for the daily news Dnevnik.
In addition, she has directed and produced two theatrical multimedia performances, and worked on several documentaries, as a music illustrator. She is also active on the music scene (both home and abroad), as a percussionist in the jazz bands.

Blesok no. 90, May-June, 2013
      reviews: A Round Trip: From Literature to Animated Film and Back


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