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Kalina Maleska

Kalina Maleska (b. 1975) is a writer, scholar, translator. She is Associate Professor of English Literature at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje. Her literary works include three collections of short stories: Misunderstandings (Makedonska kniga, 1998), The Naming of the Insect (Slovo, 2008), and Clever Pejo, My Enemy (ILI-ILI, 2016); two novels: Bruno and the Colors (Slovo, 2006) and Apparitions with Silver Threads (Slovo, 2014); and the play An Event among Many (Slovo, 2010). Her stories have been translated into several languages and have been published in various magazines and anthologies in Macedonia and abroad. Her story “A Different Kind of Weapon” was published in the book “Best European Fiction 2018” (Dalkey Archive Press). Her literary criticism essays have also been published in various international journals. Maleska also translates literary works from English into Macedonian and vice versa; some of her translations include Tristram Shandy by Laurence Stern, Selected Stories by Ambrose Bierce, Remnant of a Sky by Vlado Maleski and others.

Blesok no. 100, September, 2015
      reviews: Igor – Dedicated and Tireless Translator

Blesok no. 110, October-November, 2016
      essays: 500 Years since Thomas More’s Utopia: Transformation of Utopian Ideas

Blesok no. 111, January, 2017
      essays: A Will to Questioning

Blesok no. 92, September-October, 2013
      prose: The Tears of the Volcano

Blesok no. 96, May-June, 2014
      reviews: The Literary Work does not have Its Own Logic


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