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Denisa Duran

Denisa Duran (b. 1980) is a Romanian poet, translator and cultural manager, graduate of the University of Bucharest with a BA in Romanian & English Language and Literature, MA with a thesis about sound poetry, written in English. She worked as a journalist, translator, editor (at the Romanian Book Review) and since 2007 she is project manager at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.
Denisa Duran is the author of four poetry books: the award-winning debut collection Pufos şi mechanic (Fluffy and Mechanical, 2003), was followed by the bilingual book Omul de unică folosință / Disposable People (translated into English by Florin Bican), published by Galway Print, Ireland (2009); furthermore, she published Sunt încă tânără (I Am Still Young, 2012) – a selection of which was included in the anthology The Most Beautiful Poems from 2012; in December 2014 her new book came out, Dorm, dar stau cu tine (I Am Asleep, Yet Keep You Company) – a book about “becoming”, until the age of one, accompanied by illustrations. She signed her first three collections with her maiden name of Denisa Mirena Pişcu.
Selections of her poems have been included in several national and international anthologies and translated into: English, Czech, Bulgarian, German, Finnish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Macedonian, Arabic and Slovenian.
She participated in many readings and literature festivals abroad and most recently she was writer-in-residence for the “Absolute Modern” residency offered by Traduki and Goten publishing house, in Skopje, Macedonia.
She translated (from English into Romanian), among other works, the poetry of Nikola Madzirov (Macedonia), Immanuel Mifsud (Malta) and Neil McCarthy (Ireland).

Blesok no. 101-102, November-December, 2015
      poetry: I Am Still Young


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