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Istok Ulchar

Istok Ulchar (1996) is the author of the poetry book “Shadows through the Circus Tent”, published in 20 His poetry is represented in several collections of of young Macedonian and former-Yugoslav authors, such as the “Anthology of the Macedonian Young Avantguarde Poetry”, “Lyrical Dodecameron” and “Rukopisi 36”. He has taken part in several literary readings, including the “Nights without Punctuation” held as part of Struga Poetry Evenings festival in Struga, Macedonia, “Poets for Change” in Strumica, Macedonia, as part of the global poetry event “100 Thousand Poets for Change” and the slam-poetry happening “Night of Open Mics” in Belgrade, Serbia. His poems have been translated in Serbian and English language.

Blesok no. 101-102, November-December, 2015
      poetry: Poetry


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