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Bora Ćosić

Bora Ćosić was born in Zagreb in 1932. In 1937, together with his family he moved to Belgrade where he continued his education and graduated from high school. He enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in 1950 at the department of philosophy but he never graduated, although he passed all exams. He worked for many newspapers and literary magazines. In his early youth he translated Russian futurism poetry, he wrote film dialogues and in 1969 he adapted a text for the first staging of Hair musical in Atelje 2. He started his writing career with The House of Thieves, issued in 19 His famous book The Role of My Family in World Revolution was published in 1969. It won NIN’s award that same year.
He has written more than 50 books, published in a number of languages. He won many European prose awards. He lives in Germany.

Blesok no. 106, March-April, 2016
      prose: The Role of My Family in World Revolution


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