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Goran Ristovski

Goran Ristovski is a visual artist, graphic designer and art teacher. Born in 1987 in Struga, he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, Department of graphics, the graphic design. He has participated in several group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad. Until now alone has exhibited in Struga, Kumanovo and Ohrid, a series of works "end.begin" and "liquidation values". He worked on several projects that seek to implement the activities of the art in most spheres of social life of young people. His artistic practice is concerned with exploring different media and is expressed through drawing, painting, digital art, photography, installation, graphics, street- urban art, but most often it is a combination of media. He was awarded the second prize for best poster design "against censorship, freedom of speech" and the best one-minute film "13" of the Skopje Film Festival. Ristovski is currently working as an art teacher in Struga, one of the founder and members of the art association and INCA and Wezdensky of Struga.


Blesok no. 112, March-April, 2017
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