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Blaže Minevski

short story writer, novelist , playwright. Born 1st April 1961 in Gevgelija. Completed primary and secondary education in Kavadarci. Graduated in journalism at the University of Skopje. Worked as a journalist on various desks. Currently works as a reporter with “Nova Makedonija”. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1992.
Works: Tears in Daddy’s eyes (short stories, 1984), Low exercises (short stories, 1988), The Black Feather (novel, 1990), Ambushes into the white dream (short stories, 1992), An icy eye (short stories, 1996), Balkan for children (novel, 1996), We should have taken a photo before we started hating each other (novel, 1998). Author of the following drama books: Shriek, staged in 1991, Cradle, staged 1992, Women’s contribution to the night, staged 1993, Preparations for good death, staged 1994, Dumb language, staged 2000. All his drama works have been published in a book under the title Ex-people (2000). Has received highest recognition as a journalist - “Krste Misirkov” award by the Macedonian Journalists’ Association (twice) and first prize for reportage by “Nova Makedonija” (twice). Has been presented in all the latest anthologies of Macedonian short stories translated into English, French, Serbian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Turkish and Albanian.

Address: Partizanski odredi, 115, tower 1, 1000 Skopje.
Tel: ++ 389 02 340 248.

Blesok no. 08, April-May, 1999
      prose: The Balkans For Children

Blesok no. 38, September-October, 2004
      prose: The Eagle and Agnija

Blesok no. 67-68, July-October, 2009
      prose: Words of Bile, Words of Sorrow

Blesok no. 89, March-April, 2013
      prose: Father


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