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Angelina Banović-Markovska

Angelina Banovik-Markovska (1966, Skopje, Macedonia)
Ph.D in Philology (2002); MA (1999)
Fields of research
: Theory of Literature, Cultural Studies and Semiotics.
Fields of investigations
: Philosophy and Anthropology.
Participates in international symposia and scientific conferences. Writes prose.

Author of the following books: Interpretative strategies (1999); Characters-Antagonists (2001); Hypertextual dialogues (submitted for publishing 2003).

Angelina Banovik-Markovska was editor of Blesok Reviews

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Blesok no. 03, June-July, 1998
      reviews: For the meaning of the unconscious and for the power of the imagination

Blesok no. 09, June-July, 1999
      reviews: The Incest – One of the Inclinations that the World Hasn't Finished Dreaming Yet

Blesok no. 24, January-February, 2002
      reviews: From Gutenberg to InteLnet

Blesok no. 49, July-August, 2006
      essays: An Essay on Creation and Destruction

Blesok no. 85, July-August, 2012
      essays: From Totalitarian to Transcultural Public Awareness


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