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Sašo Dimoski

Born in 1965. Works with photography and computer graphics. He worked at the Macedonian Television and wrote for the cultural pages of “Utrinski vesnik” and “Globus”. He has also cooperated with the first electronic magazine for culture in Macedonia – “Blesok”. Since 2007 he has been working as a photographer on archaeological research. At the moment he is an associate researcher at the Regional Centre for Digitalization of Cultural Heritage.

Blesok no. 100, September, 2015
      gallery, exhibition:

Blesok no. 105, January, 2016
      gallery, exhibition:

Blesok no. 111, January, 2017
      gallery, exhibition:

Blesok no. 21, June-July, 2001
      gallery, exhibition:

Blesok no. 76, January-February, 2011
      gallery, exhibition:

Blesok no. 86, September-October, 2012
      essays: It Is I, Vicente!

Blesok no. 97, July-August, 2014
      gallery, exhibition:
      gallery, reviews: Sunrise at Sunset – Post-apocalyptic Stench of the Transition


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