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Robert Mlinarec

Born 1966 in Zagreb, Croatia. Educated at University of Zagreb, major subjects of study philosophy, ethnology and informatics. Worked as technical editor, and as editor in various publishing houses. From 1997 freelance writer, translator and editor. Translations from English, Slovenian and Macedonian language. From summer 2001 residence in Vienna, Austria and Zagreb, Croatia.

Bibliography (books only):

Georgina's Tears
(Georginine suze), Naklada MD, Zagreb, 1997 (short stories)
Quattro stagioni
(co-author with Z. Ferić, M. Kiš and B. Perić), Area, Zagreb, 1998 (short stories)
Five Seconds Movie
(Film od pet sekunda), Area, Zagreb, 1998 (poetry)
(Tkači snova), Stajer-graf, Zagreb, 1999 (short stories)
Little Night Helpers
(Mali noćni pomagači), Egmont, Zagreb, 2000 (children's book)
All about Windmills
(Sve o vjetrenjačama), Naklada MD, Zagreb, 2002 (short stories)
(Tkači snova), e-edition, DPKM, Osijek, 2002 (short stories)

Until today, my works are published in more then thirty magazines in few countries (Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, England and Australia). Parts of books are translated in Slovenian, German, Hungarian, English, Polish and Slovakian.
are completely translated in German by Austrian university professor Klaus Detlef Olof, and should be published in Vienna next year (»Folio Verlag«).
are also translated in Hungarian by bilingual writer Roland Orcsik, and should be published in spring 2003 in Budapest.
Slovenian translation of same book is finished for publishing house »Franc-Franc« in Murska Sobota. Translators were Tamara Maričič and Goran Gluvić (Slovenian dramatist, writer and literary translator).
One number of literary magazine "Quorum" is dedicated to my poetics, auto-poetics and critical reviews of my writings. (No. 1/1999).

Robert Mlinarec was editor of Blesok Prose

Books by Robert Mlinarec published by Blesok:


The Book of Una

Novel by Faruk Šehić (2014) 

Translated from Bosnian by Igor Isakovski. 

Edition s.r., book 38 

Meša Selimović prize (2011) 
European Union Prize for Literature (2013) 



Хроника на немирниот сон

Selected short-stories by Robert Mlinarec, eBook, in Macedonian. 

Selected and translated from Croatian by Igor Isakovski.


Chronicle оf Restless Dream

Selected short-stories by Robert Mlinarec (2004)

Selected and translated from Croatian by Igor Isakovski

Edition Ernest, book 01

Blesok no. 28, September-October, 2002
      prose: If I would fly to New York...


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