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Blagoja Risteski - Platnar

Blagoja Risteski - Platnar (5 March 1949 – Prilep 2004) - playwright
Graduated at Faculty of Philosophy at Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje (1975). Greatly influenced by the richness of the Macedonian language. One of the rare writers whose drama texsts may be written in verse form. Reworks themes from the Macedonian milieu, Macedonian myths, Macedonian history and politics.
Plays: Carcinoma mamae (1982); Spiro Crne (1989); Arsenij (1993); Ibro jarane (1994); Fly Siljan!(1994); Lepa Angelina (1995); Venko (1998).
Awards: Best play at Macedonian Theatre Festival Vojdan Chernodrinski - Prilep, for Spiro Crne (1989) and Lepa Angelina (1996).
His plays have been translated and staged in English, Czech, Polish, Russian, French, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Turksih, and Bulgarian language.

Books by Blagoja Risteski - Platnar published by Blesok:


Лепа Ангелина

Play by Blagoja Risteski - Platnar, eBook, in Macedonian.


Lepa Angelina

Play by Blagoja Risteski - Platnar, eBook, in English.

Translated by: Dragi Mihajlovski and Richard Gaughran.

Blesok no. 30, January-February, 2003
      theatre, play: Lepa Angelina


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