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Elizabeta Bakovska

Born in 1969 in Bitola. In 1992 she graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje, and in 2000 she obtained her MA at the same Faculty. Occasionally she also publishes her own literary and critical texts.
As of 1998 she has been working for the Netherlands Embassy in Skopje.
Published books: Biography of our Love (poetry, 2003), Four Seasons (short stories, 2004), Conditions of Body and Mind after You Turn Thirty (poetry, 2005), On the Road to Damascus (novel, 2006).

Elizabeta Bakovska is editor of Blesok Poetry.

Books by Elizabeta Bakovska published by Blesok:


Thirteen Reviews about Literary and Similar Works

Essays by Elizabeta Bakovska (2018) 

Edition Indra, book 18


Четири годишни времиња

Short-story collection by Elizabeta Bakovska, eBook, in Macedonian.


Житие на нашата љубов

Poetry by Elizabeta Bakovska, eBook, in Macedonian.


Biography of Our Love

Poetry by Elizabeta Bakovska, eBook, in English.


Conditions of Body and Mind After You Turn Thirty

Poetry collection by Elizabeta Bakovska
[poetry + drawings + audio CD] (2005)

Drawings, cover design and music: Dejan Spasović

Edition Borea, book 09  


Four Seasons

Short-story collection by Elizabeta Bakovska (2004)

Edition Urban fluid, book 04

Blesok no. 100, September, 2015
      reviews: El amor en los tiempos del cólera

Blesok no. 107, May 2016

Blesok no. 111, January, 2017
      prose: The Sounds of Dying
      gallery, reviews: A Perfect Poet

Blesok no. 112, March-April, 2017
      reviews: I am a hunter of moments that I rarely manage to catch

Blesok no. 116, October-November, 2014
      reviews: “The Absence of Language Is the Reason for My Eternal Insomnia”: We Are Summoned to Resurrect the Word

Blesok no. 31, March-April, 2003
      prose: Bad Word

Blesok no. 39, November-December, 2004
      poetry: How I Loved You

Blesok no. 40, January-February, 2005
      reviews: A Dedication to Jadranka Vladova

Blesok no. 42, May-June, 2005
      poetry: Conditions of Body and Mind After You Turn Thirty

Blesok no. 53, March-April, 2007
      reviews: The Harmony of Duality

Blesok no. 56, September-October, 2007
      essays: In the Small Rooms of the Pink Ghetto

Blesok no. 58, January-February, 2008
      essays: The Subject with Macedonian Women Prose Writers

Blesok no. 60, May-June, 2008
      essays: Between Men's and Women's Topics, between the Public and the Private

Blesok no. 63, November-December, 2008
      essays: A Dialogue with Our Predecessors

Blesok no. 71-73, March-August, 2010
      essays: Stranstvuvanje and Provintialism

Blesok no. 76, January-February, 2011
      prose: Emptiness

Blesok no. 80-81, September-December, 2011
      sound, reviews: To Starowski’s First “Album” and Their Interpretation of the Macedonian Poetry

Blesok no. 88, January-February, 2013
      essays: Is It Barbaric to Write Poetry?

Blesok no. 91, July-August, 2013
      essays: The Self-Perception of the Macedonian Women Writers, or: I Am Not a Woman Writer


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