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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 • 21:30 | Menada Club (Skopje Old Town)

Promotion of "Apocalypse" by Xhabir Memedi Deralla

“Apocalypse” by Xhabir Memedi Deralla is a book of poetry and photographs, published by Shortcut Production in association with Cultural Institution Blesok, in April 2011. The book contains 45 poems in English and 19 images. Editor of this book is Wendy Hassler-Forest, Project Manager at the Musicians without Borders.

The programme includes an exclusive stage performance of the prominent rock band Mooger Fooger and the author. Most of the lyrics of Mooger Fooger’s new album (to be released soon) were taken from Deralla's “Apocalypse”.
Photographs and images by Xhabir M. Deralla and the works of Miroslav Stojanović – Šuki will be presented on a big screen.
Wendy Hassler-Forest, Igor Isakovski, writer and owner of Blesok, and Miroslav Stojanović – Šuki are expected to speak at the event.

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