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 Blesok no. 47 March-April, 2006
  Jelena Lužina: Interculturalism: Trends, Exotica, Aesthetics, Poetics and… So Forth!
 Blesok no. 46 January-February, 2006
  Sonja Zdravkova-Džeparoska: Interculturalism in Dance
 Blesok no. 45 November-December, 2005
  Ana Stojanoska: Intracultural Theatrical Dispersion
 Blesok no. 35 March-April, 2004
  Miško Šuvaković: Figure
 Blesok no. 33 July-August, 2003
  Peter Brook: Does Nothing Come from Nothing?
 Blesok no. 31 March-April, 2003
  Andrzej Wirth: Interculturalism and Iconophilia in the New Theatre
  Bonnie Marranca: “The Forest” as Archive
 Blesok no. 29 November-December, 2002
  Tadashi Suzuki: Culture is the Body
 Blesok no. 27 July-August, 2002
  Goetsch & Didak: Animating Ancient Theater Through Computer Graphics
 Blesok no. 25 March-April, 2002
  Richard Frank: The Concept of Time and Space
 Blesok no. 23 October-November, 2001
  Raymond Saner: Postmodern Theater: A Manifestation of Chaos Theory?
 Blesok no. 22 August-September, 2001
  Scott deLahunta: Theater/Dance and New Media and Information Technologies
 Blesok no. 21 June-July, 2001
  Biljana Crvenkovska: The Specific Actor’s Code of Petre Prličko in the Context of Theater Semiotics
  Erika Fischer-Lichte: Theater аs а Cultural System
 Blesok no. 20 April-May, 2001
  David Mamet: An Unhappy Family
  David Mamet: Regarding a Life in the Theater
 Blesok no. 19 February-March, 2001
  Jelena Lužina: Conquering freedom
 Blesok no. 18 January, 2001
  Vladimir Martinovski: Interaction of Languages in Asian Theatre
 Blesok no. 17 October-November, 2000
  Mišel Pavlovski: Pure Play
 Blesok no. 15 June-July, 2000
  Joel Schechter: The Post-Soviet Politician As Clown
 Blesok no. 14 April-May, 2000
  Jean-Herve Donnard: Scene Machine
 Blesok no. 13 February-March, 2000
  Elizabeta Šeleva: Otherness as a Fatal Strategy
 Blesok no. 12 January, 2000
  Aldo Tassi: The Metaphysics of Performance
 Blesok no. 09 June-July, 1999
  Richard Shechner: Training Interculturally
 Blesok no. 07 February-March, 1999
  Jelena Lužina: Theatre in Search of its New Identity
 Blesok no. 06 January, 1999
  Miruše Hodža: An Introduction to the Theater Interculturalism
 Blesok no. 05 October-November, 1998
  Bujar Hodža: The Philosophical and Grammatical Concept of Time in the Narratological Process

literature: poetry | prose | essays | reviews
exhibition | reviews | video  sound: concert | reviews  theatre: theory | reviews | play



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