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Blesok no. 06January, 1999
Sound Reviews

Tomislav Zografski

born in 1934 in Veles, Macedonia

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Macedonian Composers


    music education: Bachelor in Theory and Composition (1961, Music Academy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia)


    More than 100 musical compositions (sonatas, concertos, symphonies, oratorios), for various instrumental and vocal soloists, groups and orchestras.

    Solo instruments
       “10 miniatures I” for piano (1954), “10 minatures II” for piano (1955), “Suite I” for violin and piano (1955), “Suite II” for violin and piano (1956), Sonatine for two pianos (1956), Sonata for bassoon and piano (1957), Suite for piano (1960), Suite for violin and piano (1960), Baroque Allegro for two violins and piano (1973), Dialogue for flute and piano (1980), Song for violin solo (1983), Sonata for two pianos (1990), Five pieces for clarinet solo (1997) Vocal cycles “Autumn Sketches” for voice, flute, clarinet, piano and percusions (1959), “Cresov cvet” for alto, oboe and piano (1961), “Essey for the Rain” for voice and piano (1982), “Songs for Jaksini” for voice and piano (1983),

       “3 miniatures” for soprano and piano (1955), “Notes” (“Zapisi”) for basso and piano (1963), “Three folk songs” (1968), “Three love folk songs” for voice and piano (1986), “Marika moma ubava” for soprano and piano (1993),

    Chamber music
       “Classical Suite” for flute, oboe and string orchestra (1957), “Simfonietta in Es” for chamber orchestra (1958), “Cantus Coronatus” for flute, piano and string orchestra (1966), “Journey” for two string orchestras (1968), “Bitter Lake” for soprano, prepared piano and string orchestra (1968), String quartet (1968), “Suite per Archi” (1968/82), “Simfonietta in Si” for chamber orchestra (1972), “Monologue” for bass solo, string orchestra and piano (1980), “Sketches” for wind quintet (1985), “Marika moma ubava” for soprano and string orchestra (1993).

    Symphonic music
    Nine miniatures for symphony orchestra (1957), “Fantasia Corale” for symphony orchestra (1961), “Scherzo” for symphony orchestra (1985), “Symphonia Concertante” for symphony orchestra (1989), “Marika moma ubava” for soprano and symphony orchestra (1993), “Simfonietta in Si” for symphony orchestra?!972/94), “Unfinished Rapsody” for symphony orchestra (1994), “Intrada” (1965-1998) for large symphony orchestra (a 4)

    Vocals, Choir, Orchestra
       “Marika” for mixed choir (1954), “Trepetlika” for female choir and harph (1956), “Noise” for female choir (1957), “Praise to Cyril and Methodius” oratorio for basso solo, narrator, three mixed choirs and symphony orchestra (1969), “Karaorman” for mixed choir (1970), “Crno crni” for mixed choir (1970), “Prayer” for mixed choir (1972), “10 Folk Partizans Songs” for mixed choir (1973), “Trepet” for mixed choir (1979), “Karaorman” cantate for mixed choir (1979), “Madrigals” for female choir (1979), “Nepokor” for mixed choir (1980), “Dojdovme” for mixed choir (1980), Preludium, Coral and

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