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Blesok no. 59March-April, 2008
Gallery Reviews

From Near and Afar

From the catalogue of the exhibition at "Mala Galerija" (10.04.–11.05.2008)

p. 1
Bojan Ivanov

The drawing gesture is a habit of expectations. Within that habit, the language of line is but an intention, it is a mere notional diagram of what is yet to be done. Nevertheless, the artistic intent may be developed into a work of art, that is to say, the drawing may turn from an art form into an art discipline. This very transformation is the theme that pervades the recent work of the painter Blagoja Manevski (1957, Skopje). The artist’s presentation in the space of Mala Galerija is a site-specific project. Consequently the drawings of Manevski may be considered as building blocks of the generic space – be it psychological or social in its nature.
    Pencil and paper are the fragile material basis that is preferred by the artist in his research of the transitional states in the visual expression: transition from private to public, from concept to work, from a reality mock-up to an accomplished project of the unpredictable.

In order to meet the technical requirements of this, extended interpretation of the drawing, Manevski proposes the modular, dimensionless form – the one which is open in respect to the format and the configuration of its prime components. On the other hand, the contents of this form is rendered by painstakingly analyzing the manifold relations between the line and tone.

    From near and afar, from complex conditions to simple solutions, from the life itself to its representation – this is the interspace wherein Manevski is touching upon the issues of the creative veracity.

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