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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 67-68 | volume XII | July-October, 2009



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Blesok no. 67-68July-October, 2009

Joined Faces

Тranslated by the author and Miljenko Kovačićek

p. 1
Sibila Petlevski

Next Time Turn Your Back on Them
The Pleasure of Disappearing
Close At Hand
Happy Meat
Invisible Man
Midnight Sun
Such Is the Age


Next Time Turn Your Back on Them

the wall we leaned to is a thin one; as if it was
made of cardboard. even for the smallest child
and a hundred years old grandpa it would be
a cinch to make a hole in it with a shaky fist.
they are tracking us. small eyes neatly arranged
in the firing squad. tracking us again. pointing and
reloading. it would be a lie to say it does not hit
you. it hits me too. at the chest. it sets my heart free.

you shoot up alone setting your thoughts free; one
by one. it hits you. a great view opens through the hole
on your forehead. we are full of holes. our holes are
full of hope, their hope, and we are their heroes. man!
we’ve been used again. tiny eyes neatly arranged
in the firing squad are now looking through us, saluting.
it’s too late now, when it has finally dawned on us
that one needs a lot of courage even for defeat.

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