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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 67-68 | volume XII | July-October, 2009



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Blesok no. 67-68July-October, 2009

Words of Bile, Words of Sorrow

• Živko Čingo award, 2009 •

p. 1
Blaže Minevski

There, you have finally discovered the little case with this letter I wrote, inside the grave of my only daughter Jola.
    Read along now, for this is how it happened:
    The old Ohrid priest, Apostol Mizo opened the St. Clement church to let the Ohrid dignitaries Nejko Celebi, Stance Bey, Bujar Ligdo and Malecko Bey enter. Then, at the time of the archbishop Arsenios, they were rich furriers, and they used to spend most of the year in Constantinople. They all wanted Arsenios persecuted from Ohrid, but only the two former two were spies of the vizier.
    As they lit candles before the icon of the Three Handed Mother of God they came with a shrewd plot; they found some forged money and buried part of them in the archbishopric yard, while distributing part of them around the city. After several days they informed the authorities that some false money of the patriarch was being spent around. The authorities searched Arsenios's home and they found the money buried in the yard.
    Read along now, for this is how it happened:
    Although Arsenios was not immediately removed, his end was near. It was just that Nejko Celebi, Stance Bey, Bujar Ligdo and Malecko Bey did not want it to happen immediately. That is why they invented another trick. Selim Eri-pasha, who was the administrator of the city, ruled with oppression and high taxes. In order to save the people from him, the same dignitaries who invented the money deception sent a plea to the sultan to remove the pasha from Ohrid. Of course, the plea was but a mean coax, for it was not against the pasha but against the patriarch.
    Read along now, for this is how it happened:
    The plea against Arsenios was written in Turkish, and the people of Ohrid did not know this language, so they were deceived. Immediately after the request to replace the pasha, the command came to remove Arsenios and therefore it was clear what kind of a plea the people of Ohrid had sent to Constantinople. By the way, Nejko Celebi, Stance Bey, Bujar Ligdo and Malecko Bey finished their business as they had planned. Celebi and Stance did it for the money, and Ligdo and Malecko because it pleased them so. However, let us be clear, the fact that they did not know what they were sending to Constantinople does not excuse the people for the treachery to their

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