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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 71-73 | volume XIII | March-August, 2010



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Blesok no. 71-73March-August, 2010

Reading of silence

From “Читање на тишината / Čitanje tišine / Reading of silence”, Blesok, 2010.
Translated from Montenegrin by A. N. Batrićević, edited by I. Isakovski

p. 2
Pavle Goranović

Structuring of the Writing
Simulation of the Accomplice
Choirs of Ordinary Death
The Cosmic Version
Delusions in the Mediterranean
Possible Arrangement of Verses
Names of Longing, Female Name
Experience of the Room


Simulation of the Accomplice

It goes like this: I can imagine the streets through which
you stumbled, practice the steps
and identify the smells of space, the clothes
and the home furnishings. I am already in the possession of insomnia,
through the labyrinths I ply.
With the help of imagination, I could reconstruct the events
from my childhood and youth. (The most difficult, surely,
would be the dark period.) Nevertheless, fictions are incomparably more
reliable than facts. I would learn the language,
practice the accent. I would find out many things about wars,
religion, particularly about books, and about love
and tigers – just something. Somehow I would cope
even with over-curious people, but I would always
choose only one man to talk to.
While reading me, people would become aware
that it is the story of their lives. Space and time,
the moods of mine – wouldn’t be of great importance.
I would, of course, also appropriate your verses;
others would say it is in the manner
of your games with the doubles. All in all,
I would honourably simulate the accomplice.

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