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Blesok no. 74September-October, 2010

Dedication to the Path

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Stanislava Chrobáková Repar

It all actually began in Slovakia: in February of 2010 the special edition of the Romboid literary monthly came out, dedicated to Macedonian literature and its reflection, in which we presented eleven Macedonian authors as recommended by the Blesok online magazine board of editors: Aleksandra Dimitrova, Lidija Dimkovska, Katica Kjulavkova, Igor Isakovski, Jovica Ivanovski, Stevo Simski, Bogomil Gjuzel, Jasna Koteska, Elizabeta Bakovska, Rumena Bužarovska, and Zvonko Taneski. The Romboid magazine has been published since 1965, and its current publisher is the Association of Writers’ Organizations in Slovakia.
    And now the shoe is on the other foot. We have prepared for Blesok an expert selection of Slovak literature and culture, the making of which was, naturally, influenced by two factors: the bilingual edition of Blesok in Macedonian and English, as well as the broader interest of the Macedonian online magazine for other art forms. So, I have called for help two other magazines: the Slovak Literary Review, published biannually by the Literature Information Centre of Bratislava for its own promotional purposes (editor-in-chief is Daniela Humajová), presenting Slovak literature translated in foreign languages; as well as the magazine Vlna (Wave) published since 1999 and propagating the “young, innovative and experimental culture in Slovakia and the world”, edited by Peter Šulej and Petra Fornayová. From the former magazine we have made use of all literary translations into English, and from the latter – the texts in which we offer Macedonian readers a tip of the enormous iceberg of fine-arts, film and musical events in Slovakia.
    Regarding the selection itself of literary texts for Blesok, this would hopefully suffice. With the poetry fund we are presenting works of a broad generational spectrum, beginning with poet Ivan Kupec who drew attention to himself with his surrealist poetics, through Ján Ondruš – the prominent representative of the Concretist group of poets, that is, the Trnava group, with their extraordinary, suggestively expressive metaphors, all the way to our recently departed Viera Prokešová, translator of literature, from Macedonian as well, member of the poetic generation of “free-lancers” established primarily in the 1980s and representing the strong (albeit troubled) middle generation of contemporary Slovak poetry. All three authors remained faithful to the poetic genre (should we disregard their essay work), and also proved to be excellent translators.
    In the prose pool of authors we highlight writers who in their prose brought in the foreground the already covered free, or more specifically –

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