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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 75 | volume XIII | November-December, 2010



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Blesok no. 75November-December, 2010

I know you know

Translated by Korana Šegetalo - Delić
From mk/поезија/586-знам-дека-знаеш-9789989594731.htmlЗнам дека знаеш / Znam da znaš / I Know You Know”, Blesok, 2012.

p. 2
Mehmed Begić

That's us brothers
Just rain, buy the rain
I have deserted the poet
Chet Baker finds me
Wondrous people
Nina Simone
Close your eyes to not see the flags
The Hands of Victor Jara


That's us brothers

All our dreams
we have placed in front of the barricades
knowing that's where they'll flourish best
and as if we are going to
we pretend we want to
It's only true that we smiling await
each other's misfortune
not for malice
but for misfortune itself
connecting so completely
A perfect excuse
Lie unspoken
Plan backfired
Chains that bind us grow stronger
after each fall
after each nightmare realized
it's easy when it all goes according to plan
But it cannot be so
We won't let it
Bitter waters seek out their place
and each drag of smoke which hasn't been labeled air
Admit it to me
so I can admit to myself
Tell me you know what I speak of
It's all been done before us
The cities have been burned
Wounded left
Women taken away
Songs have been sung
Sadness is not made up
and no life is given for her
for she only takes.

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