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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 75 | volume XIII | November-December, 2010



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Blesok no. 75November-December, 2010

The Twenty-first

(excerpt from the novel)

p. 1
Tomislav Osmanli

    Maja was staying in a room of an old bed and breakfast downtown, with a dozen snug rooms that from the window stretched inside the building, toward the bathroom doors and the exit on the opposite side. In the middle, lengthwise as well, was her bed, with the pillow placed closer to the window. Maja moved it the other way round since she believed she’d rather look out the window while in bed than toward the bathroom. The room was on the first floor and was facing the alley with a skimpy tree row, or rather the crown of one thinning tree. The first morning that arrived in her long and narrow room woke her up playing with the morning shadows over her face. Maja looked through the window and noticed that above the crowns with the first yellowing leaves most of the sky was taken over by the silhouettes of the two grandiose buildings of the World Trade Centre. It occurred to her that here she wouldn’t be able to see the sun through the window, which brought her down, but she quickly shrugged it off thinking she’d accumulated plenty of sun for the whole upcoming year in New York.
    The bed and breakfast had a payphone hanging downstairs, by the entrance door. Maja put a quarter in the device for the second time and dialled the number in Skopje.
    – Hello? – said the female voice in the distance.
    – Hello, auntie Stanka – said Maja, somewhat confused – may I speak to Gordan, please?
    – Maja, is that you? How have you been, child?
    She recognized his mother’s voice, even though moved for the first time.
    – I’m calling from America. I’m doing fine. Please, is Gordan there? I’ll lose connection anytime now, I’m calling from a payphone… and I’m out of quarters.
    – Gordan’s just l… – the reply from Skopje didn’t reach her.
    – Has he left?
    – Yes, dear. He’s gone too. He should be on a train to Vienna by now…
    – Has he said anything about calling me when he arrives? – Maja screamed in the phone.
    – He said that… – was all Maja managed to hear before the line broke.
    Only the empty signal was coming through the receiver.

    – We’re fighting, man! – the man with the railway hat screamed – We’ve been fighting all our lives. It’s not our fault we’ve got so many enemies. Everyone outside’s got something against this

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