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Blesok no. 75November-December, 2010
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The Forehead on the Finger

p. 1
Ana Martinoska

“Krug”, café, fine company and good mood, enough for me to agree to write a few lines on the latest from the brush of Miro Masin. But, the way from the graffiti on the café's wall “Better on a branch than stuck in an elevator”, through the hours spent in the painter's atelier and the later effort to evoke the experiences of the numerous earlier encounters with his works, all the way to coming up with something that could be put down on paper, appeared to be bigger a challenge than I could imagine. Not only because I was slowed down by a medical check up and an empty car battery, but mostly because writing about the art implies that it has a meaning that can be determined and articulated, while for me painting has always been rather an impression than theory, rather an emotion than an elaboration. And what now, I wondered, facing the new revisits of the seemingly old topic – Masin and the monkeys, again!

    This is the topic that not only pulled Miroslav Masin out of anonymity at the very beginning of his artistic career, but it became and remained the first association which relates the public to his name, a kind of a trademark. It is questionable whether we could call this a revisit of this topic at all, because he has never completely abandoned it. In the meantime, his works underwent several artistic cycles where he played with the techniques, forms, formats, even with  the media, but it still seems that all these other preoccupations, all the kisses, fish and birds were only a continuation of the same topics on the origin, the meaning, the future…

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