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Blesok no. 76January-February, 2011

Erased Spaces

Translated by Bela Gligorova
From "Erased Spaces", Blesok, 2011.

p. 2
Katica Kulavkova

Each Morning
Forest Strawberries
Loss of Freedom
In Need of a Home
Between Two Evils
Forgotten: The Poetics of Remembrance
Understanding and Faith


Each Morning

The day and the night
When crossing over, half-asleep
Return each other’s bodies:

Proof is the sperm flying
In the half-sky, half-earth
(Wake up, become excited
Tomorrow around 4 am
Step outside in the open
And have a look!)

The day awakens on his own
As any experienced lover
Like nothing has happened
At the same time
In solitude, resounding in full the steamy speech
Of his, and of her hostess’s

The mountains in the morning should be licked
Piecemeal by piecemeal, from within
Alongside the crests, slopes, faces.

God has provided languages
For the heavens and the earth
Under, over, in front of, after
We must inhale fully, in advance
So as to soften the coming of the daily silence
Until our next meeting with the nightly grammar.

The day and the night carry out these chores
According to the 24 hour clock, as commanded
By – Time.

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