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Blesok no. 09June-July, 1999

Change of the System

p. 1
Dimitar Solev

    I had just gotten old enough and had put in enough years of work to retire trouble-free, when my system failed.
    My whole life I had been involved in groundless investments and financial schemes, and now I finally decided not to get mixed up in any new ones. My pension was barely enough to keep me and my old woman alive, with occasional “tourism” excursions to Salonica, Trieste, and Sofia.
    I got my children employed thanks to my veteran status, and they became independent in spite of the fact that we all lived under one roof in an enlarged house. And we shared the same heating system, which was located in the basement of the old part of the house, where I lived.
    In the meantime, just when we switched from a single-party to a multi-party system, my old-fashioned, shared heating system failed, so our mutual system deprived us of its previous services. And because winter came not only to the door, but also into the house, I called on my pluralistic children to form some kind of coalition against cold, even if an unprincipled one, as long as it was efficacious.
    With this I want to emphasize that it was not the social system that failed us, but only the domestic. However, the city continued to use all possible fuels, filling its hat with the air of every known smoke. Only those who had electric heat had to squint, not so much because of the outside smoke, but because of the weak voltage.
    My children came to the designated meeting, but each with an expert from his very own party. Because they were all opposed to one another, I could not get them to sit at the normal rectangular kitchen table, but only at the round table in the guest room, which I elongated like a fried egg. So we arranged ourselves like delegates to the General Assembly of the UN. My wife, without our daughters and daughters-in-law, in order to secure objectivity, served us only a cup of coffee each and a glass of mineral water.
    At this designated meeting it so happened that we all had different opinions. One faction suggested that the defect in the system should be sought in the chimney, another that the problem was in the boiler, a third in the pipes,

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