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Blesok no. 82January-February, 2012

Down with Adults

p. 2
Hal Sirowitz

Down with Adults
You Should Have Listened
Crowded Conditions
The Problem of Getting too Close


You Should Have Listened

Confucius, or some other Asian sage
with a lot of charisma, said even a fish

wouldn’t get in trouble if it kept its
big mouth shut, father said. Most

of his sayings belong in unopened
Chinese fortune cookies. But it

seems more relevant than others
because we’re going to have fish

tonight. In some ways I’m glad
this fish didn’t listen to ancient

wisdom and opened his mouth,
because I’m tired of beef

and chicken. But just because
the fish didn’t listen doesn’t mean

you shouldn’t. I’m sorry if I
insulted the size of your mouth.

Keep your typical size mouth shut.

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