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Blesok no. 82January-February, 2012
Gallery Reviews

Lessons of Life and Art

(On the occasion of Ilija Penušliski’s art exhibition in gallery “Oko” in Skopje on 19.09.2011)

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Ana Martinoska

    I learned some of the greatest life lessons in the art studio of Ilija Penušliski. And I still learn a lot from him while he is telling local neighborhood’s anecdotes, while I am tasting his famous pancakes, while I am looking at Bogart and Sinatra on his walls, while I am kibitzing him playing chess, and most of all, while I am sneaking some quick looks over his shoulders at his easel while he is painting. That is how I know that framing his canvases is not exactly his most favorite activity, just as I find it quite difficult to frame my thoughts related to his painting, as I have always reflected on art as an emotion rather than a rational judgment of the piece of art in front of me.

    Perhaps that is also the reason why I skipped the opportunity to deal professionally with art history long ago, and turned to literature instead, which probably refers to the same vision of the world, but has completely different ways of expression, as Ernesto Sabato used to say. I did not know back than that painting is healthier than writing, as this eminent Latin American writer and painter concluded from his own experience, for the reason that “the painter’s way of expression is passionate, and salvational, and happy.”

    And that is precisely the analogy why these words reminded me of Ilija Penušliski so much, the same passion that Penušliski feels about his painting, the same overwhelming urge to draw a line with his brush every single day, the same joy of creation not as something done for the final result or for the viewers, but as an essential artistic need to create, and whilst creating to keep saving himself and the world over and over again. The pleasure of the audience is just a bonus.

    Penušliski’s passion and dedication, together with his rare combination of extraordinary intellect, quick-witted mind, precise eye and upscale gift, make his art world so special. And if we add his Encyclopedia erudition and his rich life and working experience to this list, and we need to do so having in mind that in this occasion we are celebrating his 40th anniversary from his first art exhibition, we end up with expression that inclines towards perfection as an imperative and a quality that raises the standards of the contemporary art today.

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