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Blesok no. 82January-February, 2012
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You, a Line and Me

p. 1
Maja Čankulovska-Mihajlovska

Rationality and emotions – opposed conditions out of which emanates the duality of the human beings. The attempt to establish a connection and balance between them mostly ends with complex manifestations of the personality. In today dynamical times filled with artificial sensations which attack us from all sides, the true choice is not simple at all. Yet, the choice of Marijeta Sidovski has been always undoubtedly based on emotions.

The patina of the past, the reminiscences, the intimate particles of her soul… all those fragments, though almost invisible, are present again in Marijeta’s newest paintings. In this case, any formal description of her paintings is needless, even impossible as the poetic sensibility and the complete dedication of the wish to express her emotions are symbolically stressed and predominant.

The white canvas with its content which disappears and is waiting to be fulfilled with new moments retells a simple, and at the same time, a complex story of love, of beginning and ending, of transience and eternity, of the ease. But the line as a symbol of the flow of things, of transience and also of the eternal cyclic comeback is expressed as a lane, a connection of two extremities, two persons like spots in infinity…

Objectivity disappears… The words which exist on the level of a Logos also disappear slowly… The story remains which should be read from the pure white, almost Maljevich’s solution of the canvas, from the letters that are barely recognized, from the foreshadowed ‘angel’ feathers (like the presence of the timeless spiritual creatures, winged melancholic guardians of our confused beings), from the spikes and the metal rivets like leftovers of the objectivity against spirituality…

The paintings of Marijeta Sidovski carry a humanistic message which pray the existence of emotions and the notion of absolute love, celebrate the moments of recognition in the preposterous crowd and (again) the connection of separated platonic two halves of the whole… The experience of absolute love for Marijeta is not utopia; her works of art, purified from the everyday surge of meaningless sensations, call for total cleansing and exclusion from the dark and chaotic everyday life and entrance in an intimate spiritual space.

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