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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 83 | volume XV | March-April, 2012



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Blesok no. 83March-April, 2012

The Prayer

p. 2
Svetlana Hristova-Jocić

The Temptation
The Prayer
I Leave the Church with the Candle Lit


The Prayer

I only came for the grains…
Only before the scythe.
Only before the scythe and grinding stones
after the yield.

My God, help S., your child, for she has sinned.

I only came for the dew…
Only with the wasps.
Only with the wasps and burning stings
above the flint stones.

My God, help S., your child, for she has sinned.

And I only came for the rennet…
And there I am aside.
Only with the frost and shoots to bend
above the curves.

Help me, God!

Vagrants wanderers drifters
searching my eyes
with their elbows their feet.
They want a tax in grains
the pupils of my eyes.

Help me!

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