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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 84 | volume XV | May-June, 2012



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Blesok no. 84May-June, 2012

The Savage Detectives

p. 1
Nikolina Stojanova


The action of this grandiose novel is set in Mexico City but also throughout the country, and in different places in Latin America. It stretches also in European cities such as Paris, Barcelona, or at the Mediterranean shore. The geographical extension and the multiplication of places and episodes lead towards the construction of a monumental, totalizing work. The places mentioned are submitted to a game of decomposition that functions both on a local and global level. The expanding system revolves around the evocation of the life and work of a group of young poets, and especially around Arturo Belano and Ulises Lima (the two main characters), and Garcia Madero and the young Lupe. The subject of the novel is the disappearing of the poetess – Cesarea Tinajero, and the search of hers traces. The first three belong to a group of young poets (the "vice realist") who give all their efforts in publishing a literary review. Being university students who, in order to study, occasionally sell marijuana with the pretext of believing in what they do and considering themselves as true hope of Mexican poetry. The figure of the disappeared poetess becomes more and more mystic while reading, keeping in mind the very few traces left of her. At first glance the novel may seem chaotic, but its totalizing principals confirm its meticulous structure. It is divided in three parts: Mexicans lost in Mexico; The Savage Detectives; The Deserts of Sonora. In all these parts the course of the action and its content is given by the confessions of the intimate journals of all the friends, parents and close family, acquaintances, editors, publishers and everyone else imaginable that in one moment of his/hers life was in contact with Cesarea. The confessions are not given in a linear time, but rather the voices of dozens of persons interchange. This totalizing explicitly structured game tells us that there is a certain and a direct relation between the search of the disappeared poetess and the amplification of places and episodes, especially when the structure of the novel stresses the paragraphs where history intersects events from the future which follow some years after the famous search. By extending their quest more places and episodes come to the reader’s mind: various everyday life scenes, some person’s intimate thoughts, some other’s fears and frustrations… The lost and forgotten poetess is at the same time the image

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