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Blesok no. 09June-July, 1999
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The Geopoetics as a Provocation for an Art Note

p. 1
Elizabeta Šeleva

Predrag Uroshevikj: Geopoetics - Water

    It is really difficult, considering its irreductibility in principle, its non-liability to the rigid theoretical formulation, to present the geopoetics in few words. For this occasion, after all, some of its initial determinants will suffice; so we can dive “skillfully” in the vigorous spiritual perspective, which in this difficult and uncertain time is opening in front of us.

    1. The geopoetics is a “movement that relates to the way man exists in the world” – is said in the programmatic work by Kennet White, inspirationally entitled “The plateau of the albatross – introduction to geopoetics” (1997:17).
    The geopoetics renews the ancient meaning and reflection of the notion “poetics”' perceiving in it a fundamental discipline, transgenreic conception or more correctly, creation of the world and creation of the mind. The geopoetics as a term has been in existence since 1978 and ten years later was established in France as International Geopoetics Institute, accompanied by the journal Cahiers de Geopoetique.

Predrag Uroshevikj: Geopoetics - Water

Today it is a movement of the fellow-souls from all the continents, among them are the representatives of the Macedonian cultural space, before all, the writer, essayist and multimedia author, Aleksandar Prokopiev, who was one of the initiators for starting the new edition “Geopoetics” by a private publisher in Skopje. An attestation for his spiritual and literary – artistic kinship with the geopoetics, among others is the publishing of his last book of novels “Ars Amatoria” in the renowned edition of the Center for Geopoetics in Belgrade, 1998.
    The general orientation of the geopoetics is contained in the plea for the intellectual nomadism and the spiritual experience of the nomady, in general:

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