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Blesok no. 85July-August, 2012

A hundred mothers and a hundred fathers

p. 1
Hristina Pandzaridis

I’m a child. I see with my own eyes and I rely on them. When I don’t understand – I ask.
    Oftentimes, my questions are not answered… Than I peek here and there, snoop, as adults would say. And when they don’t answer? How do you explain to yourself why some family photos have a bride and groom and others two embraced women…
    I don’t ask why we eat at the table, sometimes straight to bed, but please do not spread this!
    I wonder why people get married, when they are identical. Woman with woman, and man with man.
    My mother and father are divorced. I live with mom.
    My father phones me and picks me up every Saturday and Sunday. He provided himself with a new wife, as my mom says angrily. I was wondering how I should address her, until she helped me: “Call me – Hey girl!” Her name seemed very long, but I laughed.
    Let’s not spoil our relationship at the very beginning. Besides, she had a present prepared for the welcome party – a make up set with a doll to put the makeup on. I can practise on the doll before I start painting myself.
    It’s good to be a child in a separated family. They care for you twice as much! They compete in asking me what I want for my birthday, for New Year’s. I spend summer holidays in the mountains and at the sea. Both my mom and dad buy me bathing suits. They compete for my love! They are afraid I will complain about the other. So cool!
    According to my grandfather, my granny is speaking roughly when she says that they “indulge me and how will all this end”. I don’t know why somebody should talk about ends. But just as books and movies have an end, so my indulging will end. Until then I refuse nothing. If they ask I don’t remain silent and prepare a list for them. I don’t give them enough time to make new children and to abandon me.
    My uncle said another word which I have heard several times already. Manimulation. “She manipulates them, although she hardly knows what’s that but she is aware of its influence”, said uncle Bojko.
    Mary from our class complained to me that she is the oldest among siblings and since they grew up to be three girls, her parents almost don’t have time for her. They even

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