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Blesok no. 87November-December, 2012

A Celebration of Life’s Energy

On Vladimir Martinovski’s Before and After the Dance (Skopje, Kliker: 2012)

p. 1
Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska

“Dance is celebration, dance is language, a language beyond words.”
    Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant’s The Dictionary of Symbols (1997: 272, my emphasis)


Vladimir Martinovski’s newest poetic manuscript – Before and After the Dance – represents, without a doubt, a continuation of the same sensibility, the same worldview, and the same structural, thematic and stylistic concept offered by the collection Quartets: To Read, Observe, Sing and Listen to, which brought the author the prestigious Brothers Miladinov Award at the Struga Poetry Evenings in 2010. On the other hand, this collection’s unpretentious, spontaneous and simple lyricism points towards the legacy of the Japanese haiku form, and the authors multiple experiences in this field.
    The continuity of the poetic vocation speaks of a well-structured and artistic practice already confirmed as such by Martinovski’s poetics; but it also speaks to his conscious consistence in terms of the poem’s architecture as a world in and of itself. To the recipient, however, these verses, woven into an old-new garment, signify an invitation to dance in the process of tracing and recognizing the leads, on the one hand, but also the sense of closeness and homeliness, on the other, standing in harmony with the reader’s “horizon of anticipation”. The provocation of new experiences and the yearning for the unknown, the paradoxical, result in a nomadic understanding of making a home in the good old world whence Her Majesty – Love reigns supreme. Through love as the dominant principle, seemingly so, this collection of verses establishes a continuing with Martinovski’s previous collection – the poetry in prose entitled Make Haste and Do Wait. Since the celebration of love in Before and After the Dance is a celebration of life’s energy; since the magic of love set on a pedestal can, through the provenance of its power, break through all of the temporal and spatial boundaries, even through the neighboring galaxies, as well as all of the personal limitations, offering a whirlwind drunkenness of forest and sea fruits, of nocturnal and wine apocrypha (according to the titles of several cycles of poems).
    The idea concept of the Before and After the Dance collection corresponds with its form; the compositional and poetic universe of this collection is based on the polyvalent numerological symbolism and represents thus a series of eleven cycles with four poems each (or to be exact, forty four poems in total). Four, by the way, alludes to the poet’s

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