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Blesok no. 88January-February, 2013
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Dedication compels us to aim higher

Toni Dimkov interviews Sead Hadžić – Secko, “Mooger Fooger”

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Toni Dimkov

A variety of sensibilities and a host of creative musicians are a part of “Mooger Fooger”’s latest creation, as the most productive Macedonian rock band in the last couple of years. Since 2005, the band, with 6 albums under their belt, has shown us, time and again, the way rock music ought to be lived and created. As a kind of ‘who’s who’ historical mapping of the Macedonian musical stage, their albums include music by Goran Trajkoski (“The Fall of Byzantium”, “Anastasija”, “Mizar”), Dragan Ginovski-Gino (“Archangel”), Zoran Tortevski (“Harmosini”, “Mizar”), the muti-modal Saško Kostov and Adi Imeri, the virtuoso Muhamed Ibrahimi, as well as the poet Xhabir Deralla. The launch of the new album, we are told, will be marked by performances from bands such as “Last Expedition”, “Eksik” and “Black and Weiss Social Club”. The band’s stage design and the entire promotional material are inspired by the Russian artistic avant-guard. We sat down with “Mooger Fooger”’s frontman, Sead Hadžić – Secko and talked about the years prior to the current album “La Kana”.

    It seems that the last couple of years have been quite productive for “Mooger Fooger”, evident from the number of new albums released. To what do you attribute this explosion of creativity?
    First of all, I feel it is a by-product of our commitment to creation, which comes out of a stronger, visceral need that we cannot escape. Personally, I see creation as a kind of a calling, something that prevents me from losing my identity and losing myself in this world. Indeed, it is strenuous work, when crafting a new album, as the entire input asks a lot of time, love, money, but in the end we come out of the experience richer, for we’ve helped create a new life, something that will long survive us, and speak about who we are/were, so the need to be in sync with time makes us respect your time constrains. Most definitely, this urge that drives us onwards is the one responsible for the fact that we create at least one album per year.


Photo: Viktor Sokolovski

How many albums have you released so far and why is the latest one called “La Kana”? The one before last was named after a street in the municipality of Gjorče Petrov, right?
    Even though the process that goes into making an album is at least three months long, while the preparations can go as far as

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