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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 89 | volume XVI | March-April, 2013



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Blesok no. 89March-April, 2013

The Daylight of History

Translated by Bela Gligorova

p. 1
Risto Lazarov

White Star Whitely Bright
The Daylight of History
Shadows of Verdi’s Requiem
Little Hana Brajdova’s Suitcase
A Sisterly Tear Jar
No Rain, No Sunshine After the Rain
Affluence for Hire


White Star Whitely Bright

Suspended at the gate
A garland made of child’s tears
Defies the law of gravity

Within the white wreath
Tinkles the white bell
White horses in feathered white dreams

Dungeons too come in a shape:
White star whitely bright
With a white rose for a tail

White strokes
On white silk, from the first night
To the last white dawn

A white bed of roses planted in the heart:
Loneliness impedes love
Fullness admonishes anger

White-washed walls
In them, lightness is confound as a victim
A burning swallowed amidst a dry throat

And here death adorned a white hue
And loved to smolder
Red rose petals.

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