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Blesok no. 89March-April, 2013
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Why pornography?

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Gorjan Gjorgjiev

Hidden scream and extremely high artistic expression. Energy. Work and idea which as an obsessive aesthetic – psychological manner will exist through time. Artistic excellence through figures – poses – compositions, with strong sexual connotation. In every art branch ( in the sense that art, artificially produced, corresponds to some elements of reality)

pornography has the potential and power to deal with myriad motives, countless aesthetic issues, different angles of social perception and phenomenological occurrences. As poetry is associated with metrics and image with color, pornography is linked with some serious questions about people, society, history and ethics. Sexual subtext can be identified in a wide range of human activities in the natural and social trends. Art and pornography become equal media debate and skills in the field of all subjects which are considered spiritually relevant at the moment when the content begins to be truly experienced.
    Why pornography? It is everywhere around us, a system of signals and recognition, symbols, images and models, values, implicit and obvious meanings. Analysts will have to deal with pornography in art more seriously in future, a new set of conditions will have to be developed, they will have to engage more bravely in the repeated re-examination of values, because sex has always been a social occurrence, including masturbation and its reputation as a version with imaginary partners and imaginary communications. Pornography in social trends can be, as in this case, a mirror of satire, surrealism and its elements are increased when it turns the motives into a generalized statements. In front of

Marquise de Sade there was a display of sexual relations which are based on power, not on relation between sexes. De Sade, writing in his obscene, pornographic style, retrieves the content of the context of sexual relations between two individuals and puts it on the social scene to display his class, gender, political characteristics, ideologies, which collide with corruption and highlight the history of the secret social societies. Many social utopians treated the world in context of understanding the love of learning, which far exceeds sex and even psychopathology. The culture of FETISHIZATION today and in BDSM is a fertile ground for the study of a number of elements of psychology, sociology, politics, and even economics, with an emphasis on the elements of human relations such as, speech, dressing, behavior. Porn is a delicate subtle theme to display, as its

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