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Blesok no. 90May-June, 2013

The Silk Route

p. 1
Eduard Pranger

In the small village Lizhou, of the Chinese province Sichuan lives a slight dark-haired girl named Mao. She is seven years of age, and the only child in the Fang family. Apart from her school duties Mao helps her mother and father in assembling plastic toys. Every day she works extremely hard for several hours. Rises early and goes to sleep late. This week she assembled over three thousand little multi-colored horses, and only cut herself once, on the sharp rim of the plastic.
    Twice a week, in his van, Huang Hao drives around the surrounding villages, collecting all the toys, and returning back to the city of Chengdu where he lives and works. His family, wife, eleven-year old son, uncle, his wife and an old father sort and pack the toys in the big plastic baskets. At the end of the week, Zhang Zhongwei comes with his big truck to pick them up and take them to the warehouse of a company called Shantou Chenghai Chengdu Plastic Toy Co. Ltd. The pay is not all that, but he is single and therefor content.

Thirty-year old JihanYanli, works in the big factory hall with thirty other women, supervising and finishing goods. She is married and in her third month of pregnancy. She wasn’t completely sure, so she left the good news for next week, after seeing the doctor. Her best friend from school days, ZoiXianhu, on the colorful boxes of packaged toys, attaches the declarations, and puts them on the assembly line that sends them into the next hall. There, Xiao Xuemei, one of the ten packing workers, quickly and proficiently lays them in the big boxes. He seals them with a wide tape, wraps them in a plastic foil and places them on wooden pallets. Before they all end up at the central warehouse, the boxes are checked by Mr. Zhifeng, the main quality controller. On every examined box he puts his own personal stamp. He is very pedantic and strict, and just seven months away from retirement.

Su Ganjun is the youngest of all the forklift drivers, just turned nineteen. Despite of the extremely tall and bulky cargo, with his vehicle, he deftly maneuvers through the maze of corridors in the main warehouse of the company. He stacks the pallets one on top of the other onto the eight meter high metal shelves, sorts them if needed and loads them into

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