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Blesok no. 90May-June, 2013

A Round Trip: From Literature to Animated Film and Back

p. 1
Marta Markoska

How should one begin to analyse three ingenious pieces, three exceptional products of contemporary culture, all equally complex, each in its own domain, and each of them with its own specific features, details and attributes which are not shared by the others? Should the discussion follow the analytical or synthetic principle, reviewing the individual symbols or each of the works, or, contrary to this, look at their unity as an achievement of the complex artistic-comprehensive experience? Since one does not deal with philosophical categories here, but rather with strictly artistic ones, the comparative method should be followed as the only justified one when it comes to works that are at the same time so similar, close in their artistic and educational function, but at the same time so different due to the nature of the space in which they are expressed.
    This is about Dimitar Solev’s masterly written short story The Round Trip of a Shadow, reshaped into an artistic fairy tale “taken from the left pocket” of Aleksandar Prokopiev, both recreated and reshaped in a single ingenious film product, made by Žarko Ivanov and the artist Aleksandar Zafirovski, i.e. FlipBook Production.
    Here I listed three creative experiences transferred by different media and techniques of expression. Each one of them is, doubtlessly, worthy of a thorough analyses in itself, but also in an unavoidable interference relation to each other as they capture the researching curiously of everybody taking the task of interpreting them. The emerging fear is, however, whether the interpreting analysis of the one who has undertaken that task would be worthy of the works? Will he not leave out something from their comprehensiveness, i.e. will the comparative study itself be as comprehensive as the works are? There is but one way to find it, and it is to try it! Here I do not imply trying as a practice, but as something that should be done with great courage. So let us start the search, from the work that actually started the whole round trip – Dimitar Solev’s short story.
    To our great fortune, Solev’s clear and precise narrative expression helps us follow the text skilfully and prevents us from deviating from the flow of meaning at any time. The main archetypal image in the story The Round Trip of a Shadow is the juxtaposition of the city and the cemetery. Here, I mean the contrast that is created when the

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