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Blesok no. 10-11August-November, 1999

Leviathan: The White Whale

Translated by: Zoran Ančevski

p. 1
Katica Kulavkova

Leviathan: The White Whale
Poetics Of Laughter


Leviathan: The White Whale

(In praise of Herman Melville's Moby Dick)

Vengeance is a white gush
a poisonous Druid
No man is your equal,
your path, a God's finger
pointed and real
echo of the Equator,
a frozen soul in the warm waters,
vengeance is a white gush, heading southward!

Your image is unreachable
godly, satanic, immortal
white, haughty – hey, monster
vain and greedy,
hey, Whale
your clear dewy rage
the bloody roar
the weed of your foam
– a lion's mane on your back

The word can describe you better
than an icon's paint, you false idol
– perverted sign on the whalers

Merciful marrow, core, rainbow
punish the heathens: hide the truth
you, cartilage of repentance
comply with God's wisdom

You, Magus
who frolics in the sea's abyss
– in the womb of the world

You, big nursling
heal your face from the depths

You, perfect lamia
splashy, oily, boiling, deadly…

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