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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 92 | volume XVI | September-October, 2013



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Blesok no. 92September-October, 2013
Gallery Reviews

Linear and Reticulate

p. 1
Viktorija Vaseva Dimeska

…In my opinion, Ladislav’s work that I know is about two segments: linear, the handwriting of an enlarged sign as a message, and reticulate, multi-sign weaving that he draws it from, appearing … the traces – hands, contact, the sensitivity in its whole geometrical precision and symbolism that abides, but also transforms the rules of existence of a spot – it becomes a travelogue …

Certainly, a small distinction can be made between the suggested works with the “optional” graphics which move towards a more plastic, more decorative, color like noisier game, while the rest move towards a more intense symbolism of a carefully built digital construction regarding premeditated multiplying of fragments, avoiding the unique view of a geometrical perspective, but tries to give one possible, personal view of a condensed reality.

Besides all neatness of the compositions, Ladislav Cvetkovski does not present solution of this geometrical dilemma as a goal by itself, only uses it as a tool.

Silently and unobtrusively, most often cynically, through the beautified world of art marks fragments on its back, as well as anomalies of time in which we live.

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