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Blesok no. 93November-December, 2013

Lakes in Wisconsin

Translated from Bulgarian by Angela Rodel

p. 1
Ivan Hristov

Ground Zero



All of this took place
on the shores of a lake
in Wisconsin,
when Larry let me stay
in his guesthouse.
A small house
with photos on the walls,
with a shower, kitchen and bathroom,
with a piano, a typewriter
and a living room.
Larry didn't know then
that I had lived
with the Vasilevs,
who were very afraid
that I would become an alcoholic,
even though their son was
an alcoholic and one night
he stole my television.
Then I lived at Krum's.
When I used his bathtub
the woman downstairs shrieked
that her hallway was flooded.
(I don't think Krum had taken
a bath in ten years.)
Larry also didn't know
that I had lived at Simon's,
on Rakovski Street.
It was a nice room,
but didn't have any windows.
I bought a little lamp
that I turned on at night
so that it wouldn't be like
waking up in a coffin.
I even lived in a basement,
in the army,
with Gonzo – an orphan,
who every morning
opened his eyes
and lit up a cigarette.
Larry, my friend,
there's so much you don't know!
Thank you
for letting me live
in your guesthouse.
God bless you,
as I write these lines
on your typewriter!

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